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Our Services

In life, there are many factors that can affect the need for us or our loved ones to require specialized care for day to day assistance. Most commonly, it is related to aging, disability or post surgery. In those times of need. Caremarque is here to help with enthusiasm, professionalism and a heart.

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Types of Care Plan Schedule We Provide


No minimum hours required. Rates will vary depending on level of care, upon assessment.

Day or Evening

Requesting for a Day or Evening shift? We got you covered. We also have overnight service available.

24/7 Attentive

24-hours a day/7 days a week, our round the clock care is managed by hourly shifts for maximum awareness and commitment to implement your care needs. Service is based on an hourly rate.

Our Personal Care Services

  • Assisting in Mobility

  • Transferring, positioning and providing pressure area care

  • Feeding and ensuring special diet is followed

  • Bathing, Dressing, Grooming and Personal Hygiene Assistance

  • Toileting and incontinence care

  • Standby or physical assistance with morning & evening routines from two caregivers

In-Home Companionship and Care Services

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Daily Activities

  • Encourage active thinking

  • Encourage light exercise

  • Help organize and maintain

       connections with friends and family

  • Offer friendly and supportive


  • Plan and encourage social activities

  • Provide companionship


  • Go grocery shopping

  • Pick up prescriptions

Incidental Transportation

  • Provide transport to dentist appointments

  • Provide transport to doctor or medical specialist appointments

Medication Reminders

  • Assist with organizing medications

  • Confirm the taking of medications morning, noon or night as prescribed

Light Housekeeping

Personal Care Guidance

  • Assist with bathing

  • Assist with dressing

  • Assist in grooming

  • Help with skin care

  • Assist with light gardening

  • Clean and organize kitchen

  • Change bed linens

  • Do laundry

  • Tidying and Organizing

Meal Preparation

  • Assist with menu planning

  • Assist with, and motivate, meal preparation

  • Assist with feeding

Caremarque values relationships with client's carers, family or friends. If you are a carer that needs a bit of a break, we are here to help you. We can arrange a short term solution in looking after your loved ones for you.
This also applies when you need to go away for a vacation and are worried that no one will look after your loved one that requires special care.

Respite Care

Meditating in Nature

Transitional Care

For young and old

Caremarque helps clients in transitioning from the hospital or rehabilitation facility to home with peace of mind and comfort. Our Care Manager will help and guide you in the Discharge Process from the hospital or rehabilitation facility. We will make sure that the home of our client is comfortable, safe, and an adequate place for the client’s care requirements.

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From Hospital or Rehabilitation Facility to Your Home

  • We help the client and family in taking responsibility to ensure the details of the types of care that will be needed is understood.

  • We ensure that clients follow doctor’s orders, prescribed medication, recommended exercise, and other daily activities to promote fast recovery.

  • We provide a plan for a new routine at home. We plan according to the recommended care needs of our client upon hospital discharge.

  • We ensure that our client’s home is safe and comfortable, with all the needed special equipment, supplies and aids readily available for the client.

Life Situations For Which We Can Provide Care

After Surgery (For All Ages)
Dementia / Alzheimer's Disease
Post Stroke
Post Heart Attack
Diabetes Management
Hospice Care

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